4C - Cornwall College Responds to Climate Change

Events in early December 2009:

Tuesday December 8th
1000-1700hrs Conference at Princess Pavillion Falmouth, capacity 380
1800-2200hrs Celebration at Princess Pavillion Film (Age of Stupid) and music (The Busketeers)

Monday December 7th

0900-1600 Design Enabling Sustainability Transition Working Group at Cornwall College Camborne
0900-1600 Marine Algae at Newquay College
1200-1800 Aquaculture and Offshore Energy Working Group at National Maritime Museum 100 + pers
0900-1600 Viral Video Workshop Cornwall College Camborne 12 pers
1800-2000 Innovation in a Low Carbon Economy virtual Seminar 20 pers

Sunday 6th December

1000-1600 Forest Skills workshop at Gyllngvase Beach
1000-1600 Writing for Change workshop at Gyllyngvase Beach

Friday December 4th

1000-1600 Sustainable Composites Seminar at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall

Monday to Saturday 1000-1700

Conference Tuesday December 8th

Location: Princess Pavillion


Phase 1: 1000-1700 Symposium
Phase 2: 1800-2200 Film and music Cost £5/£2 - Age of Stupid
The Busketeers


Entry is free for Phase 1 and £5/£2 for Phase 2, but you need to register your interest via the Poly Box Office on 01326 212300 or by a personal visit using this map. Please identify when you call which of the following categories applies, and whether you wish to come to Phase 1 and/or Phase 2:

  • Cornwall College Staff (20)
  • Cornwall College Governor (10)
  • Cornwall College Student (270)
  • University of Plymouth (20)
  • University of Exeter Student (20)
  • University College Falmouth Student (20)
  • Accredited Organisations and Individuals (20)

Monday to Saturday 1000-1700
or via the SU

Catering: Lunch will be served free of charge, and there will be a commercial bar open.

Running Order:

1100: Welcome from Chair
1110: Introduction: Tim German from Low Carbon Cornwall and Chair of Cornwall College Council
1120: Advertising Break: UK Government Unveils Climate Change Map
1130: Adaptation Strategies - Marine: Abby Crosby/CWT
1200: Power on Harrison: Interview with a Climate Change Guru
1300: Luncheon: Judge the Campaign Posters/View Viral Videos/Craft Demonstrations
The Stupid Show/Barry's Film/Raffle
1400: Copenhagen Hook Up
1430: Film as an Agent of Change: Simon Williams/Back to the Planet
1500: Keynote: David Key of Footprint Consulting
1600: Break
1615: Symposium Panel: Chair: Mandy Milano -Chris Jones/Transition Ladock: Alastair Fuad Luke: John Rowe: Manda Brookman
Feedback from Conference Working Groups - Output = statement of opportunity
1715: Performance by Sophie Viol's Troubadors
1800: Age of Stupid - Film
1900: The Busketeers in the Cafe
2000: Kernow Vibrations
2130: 10:10 Sign Up
2200: End
2215: Gylly Cafe


Seaweed identification
Seaweed handwash
Waste Man
Ocean Acidification
Climate change plank


Pro Natura
Cool Earth
Campaigning Posters from Cornwall College graphics students
Species at Risk posters from Cornwall College Wildlife Crime
Bio Char
An artist and his Lather
Active Mural

Health and Safety:

Technical Support:

Paul Harry

Intellectual Support:


1m SLR map
Coastal Zone vulnerability to slr Branch
Climate Change map video - Govt launch
Greenland Tunnels video
Patrick Bond CV and article
Climate Justice Action
World Development Movement

Student confirmations to date (28/10):

8 (Saltash)
12 (Cam/Wildlife Crime)

12 (Duchy/REM)

Staff confirmations to date:

1 (Saltash)
1 (Duchy)

WG 10 Writing for Change

Date: Sunday December 6th 1000

Terms of Reference: Writing Prose and Poetry for Change. Participants will be encouraged to consider the concept of natural change and how the written word can influence the process. The output will be a series of small micro-publications that will be left in public spaces to support the Conference on December 8th at the Princess Pavillion. There will be a charcoal burning workshop at the same time to give warmth.

Maximum Delegate Number: 21

Location: Peripatetic around Gyllyngvase Beach

Consultant(s): Mac Dunlop

Permissions: Cornwall Council

Health and Safety:


anthropos 125

WG9 Forest Skills

Date: Sunday 6th December

Terms of Reference: To bring the forest to the beach and set up a mass charcoal burn over a three hour period to deliver carbon back to the Earth.

Maximum Delegate Number: 21

Location: Gyllyngvase Beach

Consultant(s): Rory MacPhee Tracey McIver

Permissions: Cornwall Council

Health and Safety: First Aid, water buckets, gloves, eye protection, wether forecasts, first aid attendance


Bio Char


Good summary of bio char

WG8 Cornwall Marine Educators

Date: Monday 7th December 1805-2000

Terms of Reference: Share best practice amongst Cornwall's community of marine educators.

Maximum Delegate Number: 20

Location: Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society Falmouth

Consultant(s): Jason Birt


WG7 Innovation in a Low Carbon Economy

Date: Monday 7th December 1800 onwards

Terms of Reference:

Participants are asked to attend one of the Working Groups described at http://www.cornwall4c.blogspot.com/. The common thread running through these groups is opportunities in an increasingly low-carbon economy. For instance, the Working Group established at Newquay College will discuss marine algae (seaweed) as a resource for bio-fuels, fertiliser, nutrition and cosmetics. You could address the issue of resource exploitation.

To reduce travel your challenge is to devise a format for a "virtual seminar" using a social networking site. Apart from Facebook you could try Arts for COP!5 or the BlueGym. There are many other formats that could be used, with perhaps MSN messenger worth a look.

It is hoped that one or more members of this Group would be able to attend the Conference on the following day at the Princess Pavillion to deliver outputs - namely an identification of possible business start-ups.

Maximum Delegate Number: 12

WG6 Sustainable Composite Engineering

Date: Friday 4th December 1000-1600 hrs

Terms of Reference: Composite Engineering for a Low Carbon Economy

Maximum Delegate Number: 100

Location: National Maritime Museum, Falmouth

Chair: Alex Whatley

Industry Attendees:

Alistair Callender,

Running Order (draft) :

0900: Introduction
0915: A Young Designer Speaks – Alistair Callender
1000: Industry Q and A
1100: Coffee
1045: Industry Solutions
1215: Lunch
1345: Materials for a Low Carbon Society - tbc
1345: Wooden Surfboards
1430: Break
1445: Plenary Discussion
- Barriers to Developing Best Environmental Practice


Possible Sessions:

Alistair Callender
Mark Roberts - Wooden Surfboards
Video Lounge
Triss - Surfboard Construction
Tom Kay - Product Manufacture and Retail


Homeblown 1
Loose Fit 2
Alex 75
Gylly 1
Mark Glass 1

Paul Shakespeare
Sam Boex
SW Manufacturing and Advisory Service
Triskell Marine


Health and Safety: Risk Assessment undertaken (tbc)


Mark Roberts video
Sustainable Composites
Tom Wegener workhop report
Sustainable Compsites Network
ADAS Publications
Bio Fibres information from Univesrity of Plymouth - includes mechanical characteristics
Bio Resins information ditto and list of suppliers
Cullen/Summerscales PowerPoint
National Non Food Crops Centre
Eco Elise from Lotus
Cornwall Knowledge Economy information sheet
Ecovative - American start up company video
Malama Composites video
Pine based bio-resin video
Low Carbon Business Unit and video

Resources Needed:

Pineapple, sisal, miscanthus, flax, nettle


Richard Cullen UoP


ac 125
fagito 200
domatia 50

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