WG7 Innovation in a Low Carbon Economy

Date: Monday 7th December 1800 onwards

Terms of Reference:

Participants are asked to attend one of the Working Groups described at http://www.cornwall4c.blogspot.com/. The common thread running through these groups is opportunities in an increasingly low-carbon economy. For instance, the Working Group established at Newquay College will discuss marine algae (seaweed) as a resource for bio-fuels, fertiliser, nutrition and cosmetics. You could address the issue of resource exploitation.

To reduce travel your challenge is to devise a format for a "virtual seminar" using a social networking site. Apart from Facebook you could try Arts for COP!5 or the BlueGym. There are many other formats that could be used, with perhaps MSN messenger worth a look.

It is hoped that one or more members of this Group would be able to attend the Conference on the following day at the Princess Pavillion to deliver outputs - namely an identification of possible business start-ups.

Maximum Delegate Number: 12

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