WG1 Marine Algae

Date: December 7th 0900-1600

Terms of Reference: To identify ways in which the Cornish economy can be enhanced by increasing the exploitation of its marine algae resource - whether for nutrition, cosmetics, bio-fuels or fertiliser.

Outputs: County wide research strategy to identify abundance, commercial value, commerical uses, bio-diversity, threats and opportunites.

Maximum Delegate Number: 30

Location: Newquay College

Client: Spezia Organics

Running Order:

Chair AM: Rory MacPhee
Chair PM: Jason Birt

1000: Introductions and Client Specification
1030: Legal Aspects of Seaweed Collection
1045: Research Groups: Nutrition, Therapeutic. Land Stewardship, Bio-Fuel
1200: Bio-Char and Algae - 2 plus 2 = 400?
1230: Lunch - Chondus Crispus
1245: Chair Summary of Issues
1300: Research Groups:
1500: Launch of dedicated website
1515: Plenary
1600: Chair's summary


Delegates will be issued with briefing materials in advance of the day.


Spezia Organics
Mandy Milano


Stackhouse Cove and from HVMCA
Dr Juliet Brodie
Dr Pamela Tompsett



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